X-Grip Mousses

X-Grip Mousses

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X-GRIP High Performance Mousse Tube

As use by many top riders

X-GRIP Mousse replaces the tube in your tyre and therefore protects you from a puncture/blowout.

Whether you are in the deserts of Africa or in the romanian woods, with X-GRIP mousse you are always on the safe side.

Nearly all professionals at MXGP EnduroGP trust the mousse but it also gains popularity in the hobby classes.

You can order X-GRIP mousse in different sizes for motocross, enduro and also kids sizes.


X-GRIP mousse replaces your conventional inner tube with a flat proof insert produced from a Multi-cellular butyl material, which provides a pressure equivalent to approximately 13 psi (0.9 bar).
Each X_GRIP mousse includes a tube of Fitting Gel, gloves and a brush


 The lack of punctures is the fantastically liberating advantage of running mousses on your bike.

You will never have another puncture again, and you will almost never have to mess around changing tyres on the side of a trail – genius.

 Mousses are surprisingly long lived and don’t need any care – they are just ride and go.

What could you not like?