Pro 2 Premix 2 Stroke 1lt SILKOLENE

Pro 2 Premix 2 Stroke 1lt SILKOLENE

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Pro 2 Premix 2 Stroke. SILKOLENE 

Fully Synthetic.
Developed exclusively for 2-stroke racing engines, PRO 2 SX is formulated using ester synthetic components which provide the exceptional anti-seize properties usually associated

only with castor-based oils. Track experience at Grand Prix and international level has shown that PRO 2 SX is one of the very few competition oils which can provide the latest racing engines with the outstanding loadcarrying and cleanliness requirements necessary for full power output even at high fuel to oil ratios.
Some oils can only achieve race performance at the expense of long-term engine cleanliness, but PRO 2 SX is

particularly resistant to ring-sticking and plug fouling problems and helps to maintain full output for the track life of an engine. Special additives combat the problem of the throttle sticking in wet conditions experienced with some types of racing carburettors. Suitable for premix systems only.