Sponsored Riders

Adam Hughes #22 I have been riding a range of motorbikes for over 20 years now and have a true love for the sport. I have competed in the clubman group for the last few seasons and in 2020 I won the class overall so have recently moved up into experts, alongside our very own sponsored rider Tayler Brooke #95.

We as a family attend most events across Somerset so decided to start Lp Racing MX Repairs to help riders get back out on the track riding the sport. Check out our Lp Racing sponsored riders below and look out for them all on the track.

Luke Hughes #222
 started riding in 2019 completely new to the sport,
after watching his brother ride for many of years thought he would give it a go, and sure enough gives it 110% each time he is out on his bike and also never stops smiling too. Luke is currently riding in the novice group, he has already had some fantastic results also finishing in the top 10 in some of the races he has completed. Going from strength to strength with a lot to learn this year, we’re sure he will keep going and progressing well with the right guidance. LP Racing are glad to have him as part of the Team and family. 

Lee Lawton #172 has been riding for many years across Somerset and Portsmouth events and was getting some good places. LP Racing decided to take Lee on as a sponsored rider in 2018. In 2019 one of Lp Racing proudest moments was helping Lee concur the 24 hour Ironman with ‘Dawn 2 Dusk’ and also taking the 1st place home at Mudfest 2020. 

Tayler Brooke #95 started riding in 2016 and found out quickly he had a knack for the sport and loved the challenge of competing. We decided to take Tayler on in 2018 as could see a lot of potential in him with the right bike and support he has worked his way up to currently running in experts after only 3 seasons he took the win in the sportsman class in 2018 and just topping Lee Lawton #172 to the clubman win 2019. He is always there when an event is on to give it his all.

Jayden Westcott #72 joined the team in 2020 after hearing about him and the results he was getting at such a young age we wanted to help him along the way in the sport and give him the chance he deserves. He is currently in Sportsman group and has always comfortably finished in the top 10. With his positive attitude in the sport and his willingness to push on, he is the one to watch in the future.